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Not Us

We are We Do Crime LLC. A tech shop, an agency, a co-op unlike any other (I mean, come on... the name). We are a small team of innovators (cliche!). We’ve designed and developed websites, applications, mobile games, rock albums, show flyers, and have built more than our fair share of Lego sets.


We can help you with anything digital (in exchange for 💸💰💸). Some ideas to get you started:
  • Design, build, & launch your site.
  • Convert your document to PDF.
  • Design, build, & launch your native app.
  • Swap out your hard drive.
  • Run ads and optimize your funnels.
  • Improve and modernize your tech stack.
  • Fix issues with your software development lifecycle.
When it comes to web dev, we are Jamstack evangelists. we prefer Typescript/Node to PHP and ASP.NET. We don’t know why you’d choose Drupal or Joomla over a myriad of more secure, flexible, and intuitive CMSs (Sanity is our current favorite). We also don’t know why you’d use Angular over React. With all that said, we can help you with all of it.
We obsess over user-experience, accessibility (WCAG/508), and web vitals. If 4 hours of work can save .2 seconds from the first contentful paint, we’ll do it.
Give us a shot, you won’t regret it.


No snitching here.

Much of our work is protected by some form of NDA. For examples of our work, please reach out to us.


Measure twice, cut once. Whatever we're up to, our approach to work follows the same general flow:


It's an open secret that
hours are (mostly) bullshit
We believe in charging for the value we create, not time and materials. We carry that forward by evenly dividing what we make amongst the people who did the work. This enables a radically transparent way of doing business. No abstractions, no insecurity.
We make enough to be selective about the work we do. We prioritize working on things that aren't evil, and working with people who share that sense of responsibility. If you're a non-profit or worker-owned, you'll get a discount. If you make missiles or have child labor in your supply chain, you'll get shown the door.

The Syndicate

Line up of people holding numbers from 1 to 5.
Our team is is made up of people. These people will do work for money. All money is divided evenly. We may have a provocative name, but we’re actually extremely fair. We Do Crime is a cooperative LLC.
Other orgs’ blather on about their culture. They tell you everyone is part of a family. We’re not a family, we’re a group of workers collectively creating great work at a fair price for great clients (be one today).
We believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We don’t work overtime unless we mess something up—which rarely happens (humble). The best work comes from well-rested minds.
Want in?

Build with Us

If you're ready to build something awesome, we're ready to help.