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Podcast: Watch This Drive

40 - Capital AI (with Elizabeth)

The team welcomes analyst and writer, Elizabeth. A slew of authors, including Sarah Silverman are suing Meta, Google, and Microsoft/OpenAI for using their work in LLM training data. This leads the team to ask, "Is AI compatible with capitalism?" Note: During the discussion of drag, the conversation quickly pivoted to gender bending presentations in glam rock, however this should not be construed as equating glam rock with the art of drag. Drag performers and the drag community have a rich and unique legacy that was not originated in any way by the predominantly straight men who made up the bulk of the glam rock movement, and in fact pre-dated it and has a rich history rooted in the LGBTQIA+ community. Be part of the show: wedocrime.com/voicemail Watch us on YouTube: youtube.com/@wedocrime Randy's album on display is Iron & Wine, The Shepherd's Dog.